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Trusted for over 25 years

In an industry that is often impersonal and confusing, our highly personalised one-on-one approach means our clients typically become life-long friends. At H Capital, we don’t have our own products, we have no quotas or targets to achieve, our aim is simply to deliver top-quality results, advice and service that sets us apart from others. Our clients choose to stay clients long-term - some for more than 20 years now. If you need reassurance or you’re just curious, read the reviews kindly submitted by some of those clients below.

I respect the importance of a considered approach to personal finance and of the need to constantly monitor and adapt investment options. I am also aware that other commitments in my life prevent me from spending the time necessary to undertake adequate research to meet these needs. Therefore, I greatly appreciate the services that David Bojan and his team at Horwath Financial Services Ltd. have provided to me over the past two years.


David was thorough in establishing my personal situation and medium to long-term plans and subsequently formulated a portfolio that has, to date, been very productive. Most important for me, the portfolio is diverse and gives me flexibility, allowing me to increase or decrease rates of investment or withdraw funds easily if necessary.


David Bojan provides a professional service and I have no hesitation recommending him and his team to prospective clients.

Christopher Riggs

Head of Veterinary Clinical Services at Hong Kong Jockey Club

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