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H Capital is a pioneering Fee-Based Investment Advisory Firm based in Hong Kong, serving clients around the world since 1997. If you’re looking for an investment firm to manage your hard-earned assets and provide you with financial planning services — so you can enjoy your retirement or whatever else matters most to you in life — then you’ve come to the right place.  

H Capital is different from most firms operating in this space. 

Our Fiduciary Investment Advisers are always required to put their client’s best interests first, which means they must operate with full transparency and zero investment product commissions. Our investment management fees are charged as a percentage of the assets we manage which means we only prosper when our clients do.  



The Financial Services industry can be confusing; therefore, it is important to distinguish between different types of financial professionals on the understanding that not all advisers are equal. There are many advice-options to choose from ranging from Private Bankers, Independent Financial Advisers, Insurance Brokers, Wealth Managers, the list goes on. Some of those advisers earn sales commissions for the financial products they sell to investors, and in some instances, there may also be incentives to recommend products that are not necessarily in your best interests.  

Moreover, when it comes to choosing an adviser, people often make their selection based on emotion. That usually does not end well! Rather than rely on emotion, may we suggest you click on the Client Testimonial tab and read the reviews kindly submitted by long term clients – real people who are willing to share their experience of dealing with H Capital over several years. In an industry that can be impersonal, we have clients who have been with us for over twenty years because we offer something different.  

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Providing a second opinion on an existing investment portfolio, bank, or adviser

Financial planning, getting starting investments and asset management

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The H Capital team consists of like-minded professionals, “Fiduciaries”, all of whom have spent their entire careers protecting and growing their client’s wealth. Our people are what makes us special, and our independence is one of our strongest assets.


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Clients of H Capital enjoy all the advantages of a large, independent advisory firm, without compromising on personal service and attention to detail.


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Whether you are seeking advice on how best to invest your available cash, or if you would value an unbiased, second opinion on your current investment portfolio or adviser, H Capital will be delighted to help.


Contact our MD in absolute confidence to discuss joining the H Capital Team.

H Capital offers an attractive opportunity for financial advisers, wealth managers and private bankers to deliver bespoke, independent asset management, insurance, and financial planning services to their clients.
Advisers can plug into our platforms seamlessly, in the knowledge that we have all necessary compliance requirements covered.

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