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About Us

25 years serving clients in Hong Kong

H Capital commenced business in Hong Kong in 1997 as Horwath Financial Services, at that time a member firm of global accounting/business services group Horwath International (now Crowe Horwath


Around 2007 the company was acquired by a large privately owned Australian Financial Services Group, following which David Bojan (MD since inception) completed a Management Buyout.

H Capital is an entirely Independent Full Service Investment Management & Financial Advisory Firm, completely void of institutional links that would otherwise compromise impartiality. The Company currently manages investment portfolios on behalf of private clients, mostly based in Hong Kong, although also serves clients in the UK, Australia and elsewhere.

If you are looking for a reliable firm to manage your financial affairs and to guide you on what to do (and what not to do) including at times when the going is tough, you’ve come to the right place!   

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Meet The Team

David Bojan

The owner of H Capital, David specialises in helping Hong Kong-based expatriates achieve their financial goals.

Melanie Nutbeam.jpg

Melanie Nutbeam

Having lived in Hong Kong for three decades, Melanie helps Hong Kong-based Australians with investment planning and financial advice.

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Michael Roberts

Michael has worked in the financial services industry since 1984, acting as a personal CFO for his clients.

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The Financial Services industry can be confusing. There are many advice-options to choose from, ranging from Private Bankers (supposedly for the wealthy), Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), Insurance Brokers, Wealth Managers and so on. Some of those options are not what they might seem on the surface. Let’s not pull any punches here! Retail Banks typically push products to earn commissions, Private Banker's usually have quotas to fill to earn a bonus, restricted advice groups are simply not independent because their clients only have a limited range of investments to choose from.

Many IFA firms in Hong Kong are not SFC Licensed, and should not provide investment advice at all. However, many claim to be able to advise on investments, technically exploiting a grey regulatory area that exists between insurance and investments. Some of those firms also purport to provide tax advice, but they are not qualified tax advisors.

So there you go, we didn't pull any punches, or did we?!

It’s so important to distinguish between the different types of financial ‘professionals’ on the understanding that not all advisers are equal.   

Also, when it comes to choosing an individual adviser, people often make their selection based on emotion. Sometimes that does not end well. It certainly helps if you like the person you’re dealing with, but when it comes to managing your hard-earned savings, choices should never be made on emotion alone.

From our perspective, if you feel the need for reassurance, we encourage you to read our Client Testimonials - reviews kindly submitted by long term clients – real people who are willing to share their experience of dealing with H Capital, in some cases over several years. 

Inside Business

How to invest your cash to achieve the best investment return. 

H Capital Can Help You With

Providing a second opinion on an existing investment portfolio, bank, or adviser

A Bird's Eye View of your Financial Affairs.

Can you afford to retire?

How much is enough?

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Phone: +852 2511 8337

Arrange a no-obligation FREE OF CHARGE Discovery Meeting 


Organizing Data

The H Capital team consists of a small group of like-minded professionals, “Fiduciaries”, who have spent their entire working careers protecting and growing their client’s wealth. What makes us special? A HUGE amount of experience - there really is no substitute!


Business Conversation

Clients of H Capital enjoy a one-on-one working relationship with their Fiduciary. At no point will your account be passed on to a 'junior' to deal with - that is not how we work. You'll still benefit from 'economies of scale' but without the need to compromise on personal service and attention to detail


Conference Room

Whether you are looking for advice on how best to invest your cash, if you'd like a discreet second opinion on your current investment portfolio or adviser, maybe you are considering relocating elsewhere and are concerned about the tax consequences, H Capital can help.


Contact our MD in absolute confidence to discuss joining the H Capital Team.

Private Bankers, IFA's and Wealth Managers with a portfolio of clients and resultant recurring income are invited to contact H Capital to discuss terms. We are able to provide you with  seamless administrative and compliance back-office support, which frees your time to focus on looking after your clients and allows plenty of time for new client/account onboarding without being wrapped up in bureaucracy! Our revenue sharing arrangements are very competitive indeed. Contact us now for a confidential exploratory discussion.

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