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MPF Health Check

Don't leave it to chance.

The Hong Kong based Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) was introduced over 20 years ago now (time flies!), and over such a long period of time, even relatively modest monthly contributions have accumulated to become quite significant.


Despite that, most people pay no attention to where their contributions are invested, which doesn’t make sense, especially considering the huge variation in investment returns.


Why do you need an MPF health check?

The typical approach of choosing a few funds initially and leaving it at that is simply neglectful.


Although most consider their MPF accounts as supplementary to their primary assets, they can accumulate significantly when taken care of.


What's included?

H Capital monitors all 419 constituent MPF funds and is able to advise on where you should invest your accumulated and ongoing monthly contributions.


We are a fee-based business – no commissions are involved in this service – the MPF Health Check costs a one-off fee of 1.5% of the MPF account value which includes:

  • An analysis of the existing fund selection.  

  • Considering your risk appetite and personal circumstances, advice on realigning the current selection of funds, if appropriate

  • A quarterly text, WhatsApp or email with the recommended fund selection at that time.

Arrange Your MPF Health Check

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