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Investment Management in Hong Kong

Expert, Independent Advice

At H Capital, we offer over 25 years' of experience managing investment portfolios in Hong Kong and delivering market-beating returns.

Our SFC Licenced Fiduciaries have a wealth of knowledge and have worked with clients of all backgrounds and circumstances whether you're based in Hong Kong, the UK, Australia or elsewhere.

To get started, we offer a free, no obligation Discovery Meeting to discuss your needs, risk appetite and begin offering advice.

Analyzing Data

H Capital Investment Management

Insurance Consultation

Focus on risks, not on returns!

Before making any investment decisions, understanding your attitude to risk is of vital importance as the value of most investments can fall as well as rise. For some people,  risk means danger, and discomfort and should be avoided at all costs. For others, risk is viewed as an opportunity.


It's important you understand what your risk appetite is so that we select the right portfolio for you. Establishing your attitude to risk and the level of risk that is appropriate for your circumstances is an essential part of our process.

Analyzing Data

Personalised Investment Management

Everyone is different - hence, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. It's really important, therefore,  to spend time to get to know one another properly, so we can carefully assess your current circumstances, objectives and risk appetite, before we search for the right investments for you. Once we've constructed your portfolio, we'll review the underlying investments regularly, and send you a quarterly report.

 It goes without saying that our objective is to meet, and hopefully exceed your expectations. But stock markets in particular can be unpredictable (especially in the short term) so we aim to control risks by diversifying the assets in your portfolio.


Keeping Your Money Safe

When you invest with H Capital, you will do so through an account established in your name, administered by a substantial independent custodian, based in a regulated offshore jurisdiction. You are the owner of your account and you will have access to the investments held in your account in the unlikely event we become insolvent.

Ordinarily, H Capital is delegated discretionary portfolio manager, responsible for managing your portfolio in line with your agreed risk appetite, able to transact on your behalf but not permitted to withdraw cash other than for agreed fees.  

H Capital will send a detailed quarterly report, so you know how your investments are performing, although you will also have online access to your account 24/7 should you wish to keep a closer eye on your portfolio. 

Investment Chart

Portfolio Management

Successful investing depends on a wide range of factors and skills, quality research, optimum country weighting, market timing and so on. At H Capital, we carry out in-depth research and due diligence on investment fund managers, with the aim of identifying investment funds that consistently outperform. By creating portfolios that consist of a selection of first class funds, diversification is achieved through exposure to various markets and sectors to reduce risk. We also include, as far as practical, assets that are non or minimally correlated. In other words, assets that do not react in the same way as one other (for example, venture capital, real estate and company shares). Accordingly, the underperformance of one fund should be balanced by the overperformance of another.

Two alternative discretionary management service styles are offered: 


  • A traditional long-term approach that focuses on value and assumes 'time in' the markets is more important than 'timing', and

  • A trend-following approach where we aim to get out of downtrends, and reinvest in uptrends, the objective being to avoid wealth destroying crashes.

In both cases the minimum account/portfolio value required is US$500,000.  

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