Investment Management

No Commissions – Fee Based Investing

When it comes to investing, understanding, and controlling risks is the key to success.  That is why at H Capital we devote a lot of time to exploring your risk appetite before we even think about investing. It is, after all, essential we are on the same page as regards understanding risks.

Analyzing Data
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We build each investment portfolio tailored specifically for your particular needs, circumstances and preferences, adjusting the risk-scale as appropriate, but always with the aim of controlling risks through diversification, by including assets that are non or minimally correlated. In other words, we include different types of investments (asset-classes) that do not react in the same way as one another.


Evidence Based Investing

Evidence Based Investing is our core investment philosophy, which means that rather than relying on short-term forecasting, we draw information about expected returns from the stock markets. Our approach recognises that no single investment house or manager excels in every area, so we carefully select those managers that have demonstrated an ability to deliver consistent returns.

Investment Chart

Preferred Investments List (PIL)

Our in-depth research and due diligence on a wide variety of investments culminates in the production of a Preferred Investments List (PIL), an internal document that lists all the investments that we are comfortable to recommend and include across all portfolios, including our own portfolios – yes, we personally invest in the same investments as you!

Let us help grow your investment portfolio exactly as you want it.