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Protect yourself, your family, and your wealth.

Too many people ignore the financial consequences of death or illness because they believe that "It won't happen to us". It makes sense to have insurance that covers those eventualities. Life assurance will protect your family from the financial consequences of your death. Critical illness and medical insurance will help in the event of an unexpected illness or accident.


Policies need to match your specific circumstances, which means it is crucial to choose the right terms. Costs can vary between insurers, and change regularly, so it is worth comparing policies to find the one that best suits your needs.

Signing a Contract

Protect yourself, your family, and your wealth through our expertise in life assurance, international estate planning, guardianship, cross-border or jointly owned assets, tax mitigation, trusts, wills, and more


Term Life Assurance

Term assurance may be suitable if you only need cover for a certain period, perhaps until your children have moved out, or the mortgage has been paid off.


You decide on how long you want the policy to last for. If you die during this time, it pays a tax-free cash lump sum to your loved ones. However, if you live beyond the end of the term, your plan will have no cash value.


Whole of Life Assurance

The cover from a whole-of-life policy will be maintained as long as you are prepared to pay the premiums, and therefore for the ‘whole of life.’ As the premiums you pay must be maintained for the life of the policy, they will be higher with the whole-of-life cover or reviewed at perhaps 5-year intervals (depending on the policy provider) to ensure the cover is sustainable. How much you pay at the outset will depend on the sum insured, the type of plan, your age and medical history.


Many risks don’t require whole-of-life protection, but for certain planning areas, such as providing for inheritance tax on death, or covering a critical illness that becomes more likely the older we get, they can be very useful tools.


Remember, you can cancel a policy at any time. However, if you do so, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get life insurance in the future if your health deteriorates.


Critical Illness (Trauma) Assurance

The thought of becoming ill is an unpleasant one, but it is important to consider when planning for the future. If you suffer a critical illness and survive, will your family still be able to afford the cost of living?


Critical illness cover is a type of insurance policy that pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specific illness or medical condition during the term of the policy.


These illnesses are defined by the insurance company, and typically include a heart attack, stroke, cancer, major organ transplants, paralysis, by-pass surgery and kidney failure. Factors that will affect the cost of critical illness cover will include the sum insured, your age and medical history.


Income Protection insurance

If you find yourself unable to work, how long could you and your family survive on your savings, or how long would you continue to be paid by your employer?


Permanent Health Insurance is a long-term policy that is designed to pay a regular income should you develop an illness or injury that prevents you from earning. It will continue to pay-out until you can return to work, retire, or until the policy ends.


Statistically, you are seven times more likely to suffer long term sickness or disability than you are to die before reaching the age of 65. The odds of you being unable to work for three years or more due to serious illness are three times greater than they are of you dying before you retire.

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