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  • David Bojan

Are UK Smaller Companies In For a Resurgence?

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Battered, bruised, and beleaguered – it is safe to say investors in UK company shares

have weathered a challenging period.

But amidst the ongoing despair, a glimmer of hope has emerged in the shape of a potential resurgence in the fortunes of smaller UK companies. 


While the spotlight has until now focused on the larger and better-known FTSE 100

stock market constituents, a quiet revolution has been underway among their smaller

counterparts, outpacing their larger peers over recent months.

Fuelling this revival are not only whispers of economic recovery, but also a flurry of corporate activity, from mergers and acquisitions to share buybacks, injecting vigour into the market. 


Resiliency has often been a strong trait for UK small-caps and they are demonstrating

this once again, beckoning investors to reconsider the once-dismissed sector.

Discover why the stage is set for a potential turnaround for UK smaller companies –

contact us now.

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