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Can You Afford to Retire?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

People are living longer! Given a current average life expectancy of 82 for men and 88 for women, it is important to focus on building up a retirement pot that will last throughout your lifetime. The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF), introduced for Hong Kong residents in December 2000, should contribute towards that goal but may not in itself be adequate? Now is your chance to improve your MPF investment returns.

Whilst the MPF may not represent the lion’s share of retirement provision for some, even at minimum contribution levels MPF account values have grown substantially over the past twenty-one years, certainly to the extent that time and attention is warranted to maximise the investment return. Had you, for example, chosen the ultra-low risk Conservative Fund and stuck with it during the last five years, you would have earned a return of just 0.76% p.a. verses, say, the top performing My Choice China Equity fund which delivered a return of 19.9% p.a. over the same time! Fund selection is especially important.

There is a very wide variation in returns. Chinese equities came in first over the last five years, as mentioned above, but the MASS US Equity fund took the lead over 10 years with a return of 13.94% p.a., whilst the worst performing fund (also an equity fund) Haitong Korea lost on average 0.31% every year. Being invested in the right funds (and the best asset-classes) at the right time is essential to maximise the return.

Which fund(s) did you invest in, and how has your MPF performed so far? Do you have the time, inclination, and expertise to choose funds, not only initially but on an ongoing basis – without emotion?

H Capital’s “MPF Signal Service” is designed to take that responsibility off your shoulders, where we will focus on achieving a superior investment return over time by: -

  • Analysing and comparing your existing Fund selection and;

  • Considering your personal circumstances, realigning the selection of Funds, if appropriate, supplemented by a quarterly Text, WhatsApp or E-mail specifying the recommended Fund selection at that moment in time.

Contact Us to check whether you are eligible for the MPF Signal Service and if you would like to arrange a no obligation Discovery Meeting or phone call.

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